Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gazelle & Arrow

Got arrow! Sort of. I mean, it's progress. From not at all, on Thursday. Today, into position but not "pretty." Eventually, I'll get into it smoothly. Got a photo earlier in the class, better positioning, but I was spinning pretty fast, so the photo is blurry. Yay spinning! And upside down? So fun!

Learned gazelle, too. So pretty!

Also worked on momentum a little, dead hang, swinging legs front and back. Eventually the idea being to swing yourself back up into seated. And got to feel what it's like to do splits behind the hoop from a proper height.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Yay for progress! Even if it's small. Like, I mean small. The TINIEST breakthrough on inverted straddle. Which of course we worked on. But I asked if I could work on it from dismount. I don't think it does me any good to try to invert if I can't even hold the position for even a moment. So I used my trusty side mount (getting pretty good at that, btw), then immediately got into position for dismounting via straddle.

Tried a few times. Nothing. All my bodyweight leaning against the hoop, so heavy. The last attempt, I kicked back and just paused there. My legs weren't correct, they were about halfway between straight up and where they should be. But it was something. I held it. This is progress.

I decided something. I decided that when I get this inverted straddle, my unicorn, I'm going to start talking to myself differently. I'm going to tell myself, there's nothing I can't do in Lyra. It's just a matter of training my body to actually do it. I might actually get this inverted straddle. And when I do, there's nothing I can't do.

Of course, I have no video evidence. At the end, I thought about getting video of me trying. But I decided not to. We were a full class. I just took a few moments to try again. And again, I got that kick out, incorrect position halfway down, but at least I held it.

Attempted a move called Arrow. Oh man, it looks amazing. I couldn't get into position, of course. Not yet. But when I do, that's probably gonna be my favorite pose to date. Also attempted a fold back mount into resting on the bar on my pelvis (like the dismount I did from front balance, where I just flip back over the bar). Of course, mounting was not happening. It was a little embarrassing, especially when other students tried to give me tips, telling me to jump. I did jump. That's my lame attempt.

Yea so...pretty much everything I worked on last night, I couldn't do. Yet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quieter Landings

Whew! I was beat. Mounting the hoop takes a lot of energy. And I did it multiple times last night. My video, at the end of class, is showing a very tired Q. I struggled to remember the move I JUST LEARNED. It's Lion but with extended legs and torso folded over the hoop a bit. But I just forgot, I tried to remember, but couldn't. Oh well.

And a new dismount from front balance. I land with a loud thud. But during class, when I was dismounting from side mount (Delilah), I landed with a whish. And the teacher turned and said, you've gotten way quieter. I KNOW! Yay! That's the goal. To just ever-so-gently touch down.